Server be launched soon!

Server currently offline.

Server currently offline.
06.10.14 09:40

L2 Loyal Informations :

First of All Balanced perfectly %100.

Chronicle : Interlude / C6
Experience Rate : 100x
Adena Rate : 1x (items organized with low prices)
Spoil Rate: 1x

Sub Class System
You need complete all quest.

Noblesse System
You need complete all quest.

Epic Boss System
You can take quest items at shop.

Augment System
No Augments.

Castle Siege.
Castle Siege every 2 week.

Support Buffs,Dances,Songs.
Buff time 1h.

AIO Buffer
Support Buffs,Dances,Songs,Chants,Ca... (Read More)

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02.10.14 08:46

L2Loyal is back!

All the same rates from old l2 loyal. (will be announced soon the features)

More informations about server will be posted soon.

If you want to learn all news and updates, just like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lineage2loyal or Join in our forum.

- Regards L2Loyal team.

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